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WebRTC client solution by Vindaloo Softtech is a multi-tenant VoIP solution for businesses and resellers with multiple users under them for real-time communications. Using WebRTC client solution, users can enjoy contemporary features such as custom theming, BLF and Speed Dial Profile, Call logs (maintained in local browser storage), voicemail, and 2-factor authenticators under a single roof and at reasonable prices.

Key Features of WebRTC Client Solutions

  • Local Call History Management ​
  • 2 Factor Authentication Support
  • Call Waiting
  • DND
  • Blind and Attendee Transfer
  • BLF Management
  • SpeedDial Management
  • Phonebook Integration (optional)
  • Supports Minimum-to-Low Infrastructure
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Browser-Based Notification
  • Custom Theming Possibilities for Resellers and Users

Key Benefits of WebRTC Client Solutions

Eliminate The Need For SIP Dialer

Our WebRTC client solution runs directly from any supported web browser. No software installations or plugins are required. After initial configuration/ profile creation, users can simply input the address on the web browser, log in using their credentials, and start using it remotely. Moreover, all the features integral to a SIP dialer, such as DND, call logs, BLF, and Speed dial, are also available in the WebRTC client solution.

Excellent User Experience

Being a web-based application and the ability for users to modify the dashboard's theme colors creates a more seamless customer experience. The client solution can be enabled on a web browser with only one click, and the user can start making audio calls immediately. Moreover, the tool supports both FreeSWITCH and Asterisk-based PBX servers, making it easy for businesses to own a WebRTC client solution without any alterations.

Highly Secure Authentication

Our WebRTC client solution supports 2-factor authentications using the following popular software-based authenticators:

  • 1. Google Authenticator
  • 2. Microsoft Authenticator
  • 3. Twilio Authie
Additionally, the PBX server needs to be enabled with WSS (Web Secure Socket) connection for the users to make calls using the WebRTC client solution. Moreover, the users can access the tool remotely without installing any specialized software or app on their devices, hence eliminating the security risks from counterfeit installations.

Multi-Device Capabilities

The only prerequisite of using the WebRTC client solution is that the device should have a compatible web browser. There is no requirement for specialized equipment purchases, installation fees, or ongoing maintenance charges.

Profile-Based Permissions

Profile-based permission is a powerful feature that allows the system admin to control which users can access specific parts of the tool. This is useful for businesses to protect their confidential information from being accessible to end users.

Technology Foundation of WebRTC Client Solution

Web Service


VoIP Framework


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  • Top-Notch Tech Expertise with Seasoned Developers
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  • Securing Ultimate Customer Satisfaction
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