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A CRM is integral for any business to operate smoothly. Identifying a gap created from the absence of a dedicated CRM for those in the solar panel installation business, Vindaloo Softtech’s in-house Solar CRM was developed. The Solar CRM is designed to be the lead and installation management software and solar companies can use it to nurture every lead and convert them into sales. Sales representatives and administrators have control over every internal and external aspect of the installation progress. 

Unique Benefits for Businesses

Easy Lead Management

Single portal works effectively for every user level. The dashboard allows administrators to manage the leads, and customers and track installation jobs. The simple GUI makes the task of creating a job, invoice, task, or ticket effortless.Every lead can be monitored, controlled, and turned into a sale. You get a one-stop lead management solution from divisions like branch-level lead status and proposal summary. Having access to such information makes lead management a breeze.

Centralized Reporting

Your sales process will be streamlined, and overall productivity will grow thanks to the reporting feature:
● You get a complete picture of the installations in progress from the job reports.
● The sales reports include a summary of the recent sales and how they relate to the goals for future sales. Admins can customize their dashboard views to keep track of the inventory, project progress, lead state, installer status, etc., from a single view.

Missed Call and Voice Mail Notification

An integral part of any contact center solution - the missed calls and voicemail notification alert allows admins and installers to be on-the-top of the conversations with the clients. Moreover, the notifications act as a gentle reminder allowing the admins to focus on the task at hand instead of waiting for the response from customers.

Effective Asset Management

A distinguishing feature that allows for easier inventory and cost management as well as provides the capability for capacity assessment. The real-time inventory information contributes to better resource allocation for any ongoing and upcoming tasks. Cost estimations for the goods and installations allow the administrators to cost-effectively scale the inventory and effectively manage the jobs on their to-do list.

Solar CRM Features

  • Lead & Customer Management
  • User and Role Management
  • Job Installation Allotment
  • Estimation & Invoicing
  • Notification/Reminder for Users
  • 3rd Party Payment Integration
  • Ticket Management
  • Calendar Integration
  • To Do List
  • Live Dashboard
  • Extensive Reporting

Technology Foundation of Solar CRM

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