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SIP dialers allow VoIP service providers to provide hardware less VoIP calling services to their customers. The software-based phone solution can be installed on a mobile or desktop system and can be used to make/receive calls. It works on the SIP calling mechanism and provides features much more than traditional calling. The PC dialer can be installed on any Windows, Linux, or macOS-based system, while the Mobile SIP dialer supports both the Android and iOS ecosystems. We offer a white-label softphone solution to let you leverage branding benefits by offering a comprehensive SIP dialer to your customers.

Key Features of SIP Dialer

White Label

We offer the SIP dialer with absolute white-label mobile dialer application development, end-to-end branding, and customization as per the client's needs for their own branding.

User-Friendly GUI

SIP Dialer can always ensure a great graphical interface that allows natural ease to the user. The simplified user interface is extremely smooth and interesting for users using distant communication.

Secure Communication

A SIP dialer can ensure great security in global communication due to its unique way of functioning. Advanced network security feature integration makes business communication distinctive and expedient.

Codec Support

One of the great features of the SIP dialer is its wide support of codes. Codecs such as G729 (Server side license required), GSM, PCMU(G711),PCMA(G722), and Opus are easily supported by this technology.

Only Blind Transfer Supported

Currently, users can easily “blind” transfer incoming calls by simply dialing the extension number of the intended transfer.

STUN Protocol Support

The SIP dialer supports STUN registration, which means the user can make VoIP calls through a NAT network.

Video Support*

Provided that you have the appropriate network infrastructure in place, you can make Video calls and also switch from an audio call to a video call.

Mobile Phone Book Integration (Enhancement possibility)

By opting for a custom enhancement, the numbers stored in the PBX server can be synced to the mobile device. This way, you can make VoIP calls to numbers directly from the SIP dialer.

PC to PC and Phone Calling

Our PC dialer easily allows users to place calls to another PC directly. All calls are handled by the PBX server.

Other Supported Features

  • User Authentication
  • Superior Quality Audio/Video
  • Noise & Echo Cancellation
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail
  • NAT Traversal
  • Media Encryption
  • Low Bandwidth Calling Support
  • DTMF Tone
  • Call Logs
  • UDP/TCP Support (Mobile Dialer Only)
  • WSS Support (Pc Dialer)
SIP Dialer

Technology Foundation of SIP Dialer

PC Dialer

Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer

Key Benefits of SIP Dialer

Simple to use

Both our SIP dialer software are very easy to use. Simply install the software to the respective devices, link it to your SIP profile, and start making calls. No hardware installation is required.

Geographic Flexibility

With our SIP dialers, you achieve geographical flexibility. Make/receive calls remotely from your PBX server from your laptop or mobile device securely.

Easy integration

The SIP dialer can be easily integrated with any of your business tools without much fuss. We can integrate the dialer irrespective of the PBX server your business uses. Depending on your needs, we can provide add-on custom integrations such as CRM integrations, click-to-call, etc.

Save time & money

SIP dialers make it easy for businesses to manage their business communications efficiently. You save on hardware and infrastructure costs as well as save time by steering clear of commonly faced issues such as resource unavailability, loss of signal, server downtime, etc.

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