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Call & Contact Center Expo - Stand 3070 on 24-25 April 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Book a meeting now!

VoIP Software Development

Vindaloo Softtech

VoIP Software Development

VoIP technology is redefining inter-departmental and client servicing communication. Brands are saving money and time while generating revenue by implementing VoIP Technology. No matter your organization’s size, Vindaloo Softtech can provide the best possible VoIP open-source software development & customization services. Our services include consulting, troubleshooting, installation, configuration, and development of different open-source VoIP software.


Service We Provide

FreeSWITCH Development

FreeSWITCH is a scalable cross-platform open-source technology designed to provide a reliable communication platform in the form of IP PBX servers and components such as IVR, video conferencing platforms, and Session border controllers. Utilizing the strength of FreeSWITCH, Vindaloo Softtech can build and develop powerful and diversified VoIP-driven applications and solutions.

Kamailio Development

Kamailio is an open-source solution strong enough to provide flawless authentication, load balancing, presence, customized scripting along with great transport protocols such as UDP, TCP, TLS, etc., over IPv4 and IPv6. Our skilled Kamailio programmers can build scaled VoIP platforms such as Class 4 Softswitch and SBC controllers for your communication and existing VoIP infrastructure.

WebRTC Development

As the importance of Unified Communication grows, there is a greater scope of utilizing the powers of WebRTC. Vindaloo Softtech’s comprehensive WebRTC takes care of all your VoIP business needs that can flawlessly integrate real-time communication with any emerging telephony technology. The solutions include audio/video calling, screen sharing, web conferencing, data sharing, chat systems, etc.

OpenSIPs Development

The Open SIP Server is a multi-purpose SIP Proxy server that can handle a large number of users and manage thousands of calls simultaneously. An advantage of OpenSIPs is their support for a vast number of easy-to-use modules. Our developer team leverage the expertise in utilizing the core components of this technology to create OpenSIPS Module or help set up OpenSIPS servers.

Asterisk Development

Asterisk is a well-known open-source IP PBX system that supplements advanced features to an organization’s communication. Our team of experienced Asterisk developers delivers proprietary Asterisk solutions that leverage all benefits of the IP phone system and Asterisk such as Hosted PBX, IVR, Voice Broadcasting, Dial Plan Programming, AGI Scripting, and so on.

VoIP Desktop App Development

Vindaloo Softtech’s experienced professionals can develop a variety of VoIP desktop applications based on your needs. Our developers provide the complete cycle of OS-independent desktop app development services. You can opt for platform-specific or cross-platform development; and we can also provide legacy updates to patch out vulnerabilities, security risks, or unsupported features.

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