Contact Center

Contact Center Software

Issues such as poor network, downtime, and other such bottlenecks can cripple the operations and affect the business. However, the WebRTC-based multi-tenant Contact Center solution, developed in-house by Vindaloo Softtech, can handle large call volumes and offer access to separate features for all three user groups on top of standard contact center solution offerings.


Divided by countries, united by Vindaloo Softtech’s VinPBX solutions. Get ready-to-deploy, multi-domain, secure PBX servers to handle all your call traffic efficiently and at affordable prices.
SIP Dialer

SIP Dialer

SIP dialers allow VoIP service providers to provide hardware less VoIP calling services to their customers. The software-based phone solution can be installed on a mobile or desktop system and can be used to make/receive calls. It works on the SIP calling mechanism and provides features much more than traditional calling. The PC dialer can be installed on any Windows, Linux, or macOS-based system, while the Mobile SIP dialer supports both the Android and iOS ecosystems.

Class 4 Softswitch

The VinSwitch is a top-quality carrier-grade class 4 Softswitch that fits in any VoIP network and can be used to single-handedly manage the wholesale VoIP call traffic. It is durable enough to handle VoIP transit, traffic exchange, and IP-to-IP interconnections. The VinSwitch is scalable to allow more concurrent calls and has the ability to support thousands of calls at once with the same efficiency.