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Are you struggling with poor network connectivity, downtime, and other bottlenecks processes slowing down your Contact Center operations and affecting your business?

Our WebRTC-based multi-tenant Contact Center solution, developed in-house by Vindaloo Softtech, can handle large call volumes and offer access to separate features for all three user groups (i) Super Admin, (ii) Tenant Admin, and (iii) end-user on top of standard contact center solutions. We are the right fit if you are looking for a robust contact center software solution that is reliable, affordable, and can boost operations and improve your team’s performance.

Let us help you take your Contact Center to the next level!

  • Complete Customization
  • Advanced Routing Techniques
  • 3rd Party Tool Integrations
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Reporting
  • Additional utilities to improve team productivity

Key Business Features in Contact Center Solution

Key User Groups based Features

Our multi-tenant contact center solution supports three user groups: (i) Super Admin, (ii) Tenant Admin, and (iii) end-user. The end-users can further be divided into 2 types: (i) supervisors and (ii) call agents. Based on the user role, users have access to certain modules of the contact center software. Here is a list of user-wise features:
    Super Admin
  • ACL, Trunk, DID Management
  • Add/Remove Prompts
  • Tenant User Management
    Tenant Admin
  • Agent Management (Monitoring, Allocation)
  • Call Management (Monitoring, Status, Prompt, Queue)
  • IVR Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Entry
  • In-Call Actions (Barge, Whisper, Coach)
  • Call and Agent Monitoring
  • Agent Management
  • Call Queue Status
  • Client History
  • Script View
  • WebPhone Portal Sign-in

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Wasting time and resources on call distribution is a thing of the past. Our unique ACD solution intelligently routes every call to the relevant agent within the call center, eliminating all the mayhem in between. It can analyze the data usage, especially regarding call volume, call duration, wait time, etc.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Another critical feature that supports the contact center suitably is the IVR system can identify, segregate, and route the calls to the right recipients in the waiting queue. It allows the business to provide round-the-clock service to the customer. The IVR guides the caller through the suitable receivers and lets their work be done immediately.

Call Recording & PlayBack

One of the most popular aspects of a contact center system is call recording. The user may customize the parameters, which helps record incoming and outgoing calls. When it comes to maintaining the services' compliance and quality requirements, this is a significant benefit.

Call Control

Utilize the call control features, including holding, muting, transferring, hanging up, etc. The user may perform these tasks with a few mouse clicks, thanks to the browser's ability to enable the solution.

Call Queue

This functionality helps the caller to wait in the queue when all the agents are busy. The call queue feature can be configured as per the business's precise needs, especially assigning calls to particular departments, teams, individuals, etc.

Call Monitoring

This feature helps to scrutinize the calls, particularly to calculate the durations, cost, agent quality, customer satisfaction, etc. This feature comes as handy for managers and supervisors.

Voice Mail

This feature is unavoidable in contact center solutions because it helps to receive notifications on missed calls and allows them to leave a voicemail.

Call Barging

As the name suggests, it helps floor managers or escalation experts barge into live calls to speak with the agents and the caller.

Technology Foundation in Contact Center

Web Services

VoIP Framework



Additional Features We Provide

Seasoned fullstack developers
Complete Customization
WebRTC Development
Advanced Routing Techniques
Project Management At Every Stage
3rd Party Tool Integrations
On-time product delivery
Intelligent Monitoring and Reporting
Additional utilities to improve team productivity

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