The software development realm is ever changing, however, web application development using MEAN or MERN technology stacks is still the most preferred way to deploy the smoothest apps for your business. Vindaloo Softtech has garnered expertise in Full Stack JavaScript to help  organizations build extensive applications that add value and robustness, maximize business ROI and provide cost effectiveness.

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Benefits of MEAN Technology Stack

SIP Dialer
  • You Can Create any Type of Web Application
  • Compatible With Different Plugins and Widgets
  • Greater Availability of Plug-ins
  • Great Community Support
  • Built in Tools Allows Real-Time Testing
  • Support Two-Way Data Flow so Can Be Used for Back and Front-end

Benefits of MERN Technology Stack

  • Only JAVA and JSON are Required
  • MVC Architecture Allows for Seamless Development
  • Easily Modifiable Source Code
  • REST API Allows Interconnectivity Among Apps
  • Quicker Design and Development of Web Apps

MEAN and MERN Development Services

MongoDB Development

Database is the backbone of any web application and MongoDB is a popular choice due to the flexible document schemas and horizontal scale-out with sharding. Our developers can create, migrate, test, and host the database for your existing web applications.

ReactJS Development

One of the 4 pillars of the MERN stack, ReactJS allows developers to create small apps comparatively faster. Leveraging the complete backward compatibility and Virtual DOM structure, our ReactJS developers can handle all kinds of Frontend development requirements.

AngularJS Development

A two-way framework, AngularJS is the preferred framework for developing large projects with high performance. Our expert developers can create single page applications for our customers with a variety of compatible plugins and widgets without breaking the bank.

Robust CMS development

Create a complete CMS system from scratch with additional features on top of the standard CMS offerings with our CMS development services. Developed using MEAN stack, your CMS can be customized and modified as the unique requirements of your business.

API Development and Integration

Need us to connect two different applications? Sure thing. We can develop custom 3rd party APIs that work seamlessly with all your online tools and we also help you in integrating them with minimal downtime.

Why Consider Vindaloo Softtech for MEAN and MERN Development Services?

Lower costs
Budget-friendly Services
Versatile design made from scratch
Seasoned fullstack developers
Highly-skilled and creative designers
Project Management At Every Stage
Multiple Revisions
24/7 Help Desk
Complete confidentiality with a non-disclosure agreement
White labeled service with a non-disclosure agreement
WebRTC Development
On-time product delivery

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