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Connect with rest of the world through video calls, webcasts, and conference solutions developed using WebRTC technology by Vindaloo Sofftech. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a streaming video and audio API protocol that allows secure peer-to-peer data transmission between two browsers or applications. Whether you need a real-time communication solution built from scratch or looking to develop a custom WebRTC module/plugin, hire WebRTC developers from Vindaloo Softtech.

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Features We Support

We can create a browser-based audio/video calling app that is customized as per your business requirements.


We can create your own live streaming application or integrate with existing infrastructure using WebRTC low latency streaming.


Share multiple format files or share your screen with other participants using unified communications achieved using WebRTC.


We can create intelligent IM apps that support calls, Chat, Media, and Data exchange all at one place using WebRTC technology

Connect with multiple users on a single video/voice call or initiate web conferencing sessions using our WebRTC conferencing app.

You directly send and receive SMS using the browser-based web app by adding the appropriate server number in the backend.


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Vindaloo Sofftech provides a real-time unified communication platform that meets an enterprise’s business communication and collaboration needs. We can develop customized solutions enabled with UC features such as web-based video calling, instant messaging, group chatting, toll-free calling, IVR system, call queue, conferencing, and so on.

To match with the advancements in technology without sacrificing existing solutions, most enterprises search for 3rd party integrations. Understanding the need for creating integrations that work seamlessly with the existing software, we take care of all your integration worries and ensure you have uninterrupted operational power to your organization.

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