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e-Learning with Video Conferencing aims to transform the education system by bringing the possibility of conducting live classes without any geographical restrictions. To make the live session effective, teachers and students can connect with one other using browser-based video conferencing on this powerful e-learning platform. While students have the freedom to choose between several lecturers for their area of interest, teachers can post schedules and provide free trial lessons.

About the Product

The main objective of this WebRTC-capable software is to make the learning experience convenient and engaging. Without the need for extra software, it creates a link between students and professors for video sessions using browsers. The app has a number of features that help it achieve its goal of becoming a comprehensive video conferencing interactive learning platform, whether it be a chat function with emoticons during video sessions or the screen sharing option. Students may listen back the recorded video at any time using the lesson recording feature to assist them overcome their problems.

Tutor Oriented Key Features

Video Uploading

To assist students in watching the video and understanding the key points, tutors can upload their own recorded videos for playback. The videos are only visible after approval from the Admin.

Availability Scheduling

The app allows tutors to choose their availability and display them on a calendar. This way, the students get precise availability of tutors to connect.

Setting Reminders and Notifications

The software makes it easy for tutors to set up reminders & key alerts for forthcoming classes or any other related events. Moreover, it is capable of handling everything related to class booking without missing anything.

Subject-wise Plan Assign

Based on the expertise of the tutor for individual subjects, different pricing models can be allocated for the different subjects. Different pricing models allow the tutor to get the correct price against their competency.

Student -Oriented Key Features

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Check Free Lessons Availability

Students may take advantage of the option to look for a free lesson and can also check to see if they can enroll right away.

Access Pre-recorded Lessons

Students are relieved of any tension from missing a class, thanks to the accessibility of pre-recorded lectures. A monthly subscription allows students to browse previously recorded classes to gain the information they need.

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Choice Flexibility

Students can reserve lessons based on a tutor's area of expertise when choosing a lesson. Additionally, they are given a choice to choose their own time and timetable.

Promo Code Option

To make studying more affordable, the e-learning software provides coupon codes. Students can utilize a promo code to receive the most discount available for the classes.

Benefits of Our e-Learning Platform

  • Highly Adaptable
  • Easier Classroom Scheduling
  • Helps Build a Holistic Learning Culture
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Supported
  • Promotes Learning Accountability
  • Better Dissipation of Learning Materials
  • Encourages Collaborative Learning
  • Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Possibilities
  • Gamification Support for More Engaging and Progressive Learning

Technology Foundation of e-Learning Platform

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