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For any client-facing business, a CRM is like a swiss army knife. You can collect, compile, manage, and analyze customer information based on their interactions to provide a personalized customer experience and improve the business operations significantly. Vindaloo Softtech provides end-to-end customized CRM development services.

Benefits of Custom CRM Development Services

  • Tailored to Your Specific Needs
  • Telephony Integration Flexibility
  • Fast Development
  • Complete Data Privacy and Security
  • Better Client Relationships
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increased Collaboration
CRM Development Services

Our Custom CRM Development Services

CRM Development

We can build a CRM that includes completely customized features on top of the standard enterprise CRM features, as per your custom requirements. We follow proper preparations, and step-by-step development process to implement your CRM smoothly.

Custom Integration

A CRM works well when working seamlessly with other tools and 3rd party apps. Right from integrating readymade solutions to creating a new from scratch or building a custom workflow, we do everything.

Migration Solutions

Transition from your existing CRM solution to our brand new CRM seamlessly with minimal downtime and complete data integrity. We provide complete hand holding while shifting business processes and data to the new CRM.

Mobile & Web App Development

Open up the possibilities by scaling down the CRM to fit inside any handheld devices or run remotely from the cloud by developing a mobile or a web app version of your CRM and manage the interactions with your customers from anywhere.

Maintenance & Upgradation

Keep your CRM running like a well-oiled machine with our Maintenance and Upgradation services. We provide post-deployment support and periodic maintenance for your CRM and can upgrade your CRM, if needed in future.

Guidance, Training & Support

To help you and your staff with the onboarding part, we provide custom CRM training and support services. We focus on providing high-quality, tailored training and related content to make onboarding easy with our training process.

CRM Consultancy

Wondering what kind of CRM would you require? Our CRM Consultancy allows us to conduct an in-depth analysis of our client's current CRM requirements and provide appropriate, efficient and actionable CRM insights.

Our Pre-built CRM Solutions for Different Industries

Healthcare CRM

The healthcare industry is greatly benefitted by a dedicated CRM system. Hospitals and healthcare institutes can manage patients as well as easily access their health information/data. Our custom-made healthcare CRM solution bridges the conversational gap between patients and healthcare providers to make patient care easy and accessible. Our Hospital CRM can be pivotal in providing customer support, patient information management, hospital personnel and resources management, and business analysis system.

Solar CRM

A truly innovative product that can revolutionize the solar industry - Our Solar CRM is a software that can help solar panel companies and installers to easily organize all leads and monitor installation jobs and inventory management from a single dashboard. Using the CRM, solar firms can distribute the installation process, increase their sales, handle leads, and most importantly maintain and build new relationships with their customers with ease. Our Solar CRM features a barcode scanner and a mobile-based web app for easy installation and invoice generation.

Law Firm CRM

A law firm needs to be in constant touch with its clients and a dedicated CRM can help your law firm to take an organized approach to strengthen and maintain your relationships with your clients. With critical client information like their contact information, names, addresses, legal information, any notes from earlier conversations with that client, on your fingertips, you are able to provide a more personal attention to your clients.

Why Consider Vindaloo Softtech for Custom CRM Development services?

Tech Expertise
Top-Notch Tech Expertise
Budget-friendly Services
Budget-friendly Services
Project Management At Every Stage
Project Management At Every Stage
Flexible Team Sizing
Flexible Team Sizing
Complete confidentiality with a non-disclosure agreement
Complete confidentiality with a non-disclosure agreement
Seasoned fullstack developers
Seasoned fullstack developers
On-time product delivery
On-time product delivery
Securing ultimate customer satisfaction
Securing ultimate customer satisfaction
Lower costs
Lower costs

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