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Avail an enterprise-grade CRM for your contact center. The contact center CRM by Vindaloo Softtech is one built to work seamlessly with ViCiDial Contact Center Software. Equipped with specialized contact center-oriented features such as call logs, scheduled list clearing, lead management, automatic disposition status, etc., it empowers contact center agents to deliver a personalized user experience to their customers.

Key Features of Contact Center CRM

Easy Integration with ViCiDial

ViCiDial users can connect their contact center software with our CRM for uploading leads, evaluating lead list quality, managing lead allocations, etc. We can also integrate your website form submissions to import the data into the CRM

Remote Operations

Our CRM runs on cloud power. Access it securely from anywhere with a supported web browser. The user-friendly UI layout allows you to view call logs and monitor day-to-day operations from a single dashboard.

Automatic List Quality Status

Based on the disposition status marked for most leads in a list and the overall call duration for the list, the CRM can automatically mark the lead list quality as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad.’

Manual Lead Allocation

The tool allows admins to manually distribute leads based on the servers and the associates' campaigns of the contact centers.

Historic Reporting Provisioning

The CRM allows you to pull historical data with an existing list so that agents can plan conversation flow beforehand. Detailed customer history integration is a crucial feature in CRM.

Schedule List Clearing

When an admin schedules a list-clearing as per the UTC timezone, the CRM automatically syncs the list on the trigger.

Blocked NPA/NXX Filter

An important feature when you wish to avoid certain area codes. The NPA-NXX filter allows the admin to bulk remove any numbers they wish to block when the list is imported into the CRM. Admins add the list of blocked area codes in the filter, and every time a list is imported, the CRM removes such blocked entries automatically.

Technology Foundation of Contact Center CRM

Web Services​

Why Consider Contact Center CRM?

Customer Interaction Tracking

Admin can be up-to-date with the lead quality and customer interaction from the CRM dashboard. The tool provides disposition details of individual calls to a particular number allowing the admin to track customer interactions.

Increased accountability

Admin can manually push individual lists to particular servers as well as schedule the list-clearing to improve accountability among different teams.

Improves efficiency

Instead of individually managing the lead sync to different servers, using the CRM, the admin imports the leads through a single portal and pushes it to an individual server. Based on the overall call disposition of a list, the tool automatically grades the list quality. Such features help in improving the overall operational efficiency.

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