Class 4 Softswitch

Presenting a top-quality carrier-grade class 4 Softswitch that fits in any VoIP network and can be used to single-handedly manage the wholesale VoIP call traffic. It is durable enough to handle VoIP transit, traffic exchange, and IP-to-IP interconnections. Scalability allows more concurrent calls and has the ability to support thousands of calls at once with the same efficiency. Eliminate the month-long wait to develop a VoIP Softswitch and get in touch today.

Key Features of Class 4 Softswitch

  • GUI for Admin Operations
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Agent Support
  • Additional Minute Support
  • SMS Support
  • SMS API Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • DID Management
  • Multiple Carrier Management
  • Multiple Codec and Protocol Support
  • Least Cost Call Routing
  • Extensive Security Mechanism
  • Integrated Billing (Prepaid/Postpaid)
  • Balance & SMS Price Management
  • Invoicing, Call Logs and Report

Softswitch as a VoIP billing System

A VoIP billing and customer management system that serves the ultimate purpose of simplifying the complicated billing system for businesses to manage, report, bill, or pay invoices. Telecom service suppliers can use Softswitch as a VoIP billing system to procure, dispatch, or immediate bill their voice calling services for payment collection. Automate the tedious billing and invoice creation task to allow your clients to focus on more priority tasks.

Our professionals accomplish a range of tasks such as detailed analytics, DID management, customer self-care, monthly billing cycle, etc., using Class 4 Softswitch. Softswitch supports multiple user subscriptions and allows businesses to generate consolidated bills for voice. The lightning-fast rating engine and integrated VoIP tax/surcharge calculation features simplify your complex billing processes.

Technology Foundation of Softswitch

Web Service


VoIP Framework


Benefits for Businesses

Reduce Costs

Softswitch can significantly reduce the overall cost for your business. Our intelligent call management and routing mechanism allow incoming/outgoing calls to be automatically routed through the least expensive routes to bring down costs. Moreover, the maintenance cost is also significantly lower than our competitors.

Remote Access

You can access the SoftSwitch from anywhere thanks to our cloud-based hosting. Backed up by the latest in VoIP security, Softswitch empowers your team to have a reliable communication process and enjoy ease in day-to-day operations and management. The centralized admin dashboard allows you to monitor and manage your business operations smoothly.

Improved ROI

Our existing clients have seen a considerable increase in team productivity, business communications, and overall ROI from switching to Softswitch. Additionally, remote access grants users remote working capabilities, which allows businesses to save on equipment costs as well as infrastructure costs.

Realtime DID purchase

Users can directly purchase DID numbers from Thinq or Vitelity from the dashboard itself. Provided you have enough tokens, you don’t need to move out of the portal when requiring new DID numbers.

Paypal Payment Integration

All the invoicing and bill payments can be managed by integrating the portal with Paypal Payment Integration. We aim to support more payment processing brands in the near future.

OSTicket Integration

We provide integration with OSTicket as an add-on to easily streamline any user queries and handle all the ticket management tasks.

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  • Top-Notch Tech Expertise With Seasoned Developers
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  • Complete Confidentiality With a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Securing Ultimate Customer Satisfaction
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