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Solar CRM

Case Study

Solar CRM

A case study on how VSPL developed a CRM tailor-made for the solar industry to fill up a vacuum created from its absence.

Case Study

Project Description

The client is an esteemed solar panel production and installation company based in Australia. Due to the lack of a solar industry-related CRM, they used one modified for their business. However, they felt they were being overcharged for unwanted features while certain features related to their field of work were missing. They approached us with a request to develop a custom CRM for their business.
Case Study

Project Requirements

A Customized CRM Integration with Xero Accounting Software Drag and Drop Capabilities in Central Dashboard Three levels of user accounts Super Admin Branch Admin Installer Team Separate dashboard for Branch admin Custom mobile layout instead of a dedicated app for installer team Additional Features Inventory management Estimate and Quotation Generation Task creation Role Creation for Super Admin Calendar Integration

Case Study

Our Approach

Before jumping headfirst, we conducted an online meeting with the client to understand the needs and study the challenges faced by them. This helps us set expectations and discover workable solutions. Based on the requirements from the client, we chose the following technologies to build a CRM.

Frontend Backend Database Management
Angular 11.0
Node.js built on Express.js Framework

In addition to the standard features available in any CRM, the client required additional features such as

Inventory Management


Estimate and Quotation Generation

Task Creation

Role Creation for Super Admin

The client had leased multiple branches for project processing at different locations. They wanted individual branch admin roles defined that monitors projects for the specific locations. The role hierarchy looked like this:

As for the dashboard, the client wanted a customizable UI where they could select the different metrics to be displayed. Moreover, they wished to integrate the ‘drag and drop’ to move the various elements around as per convenience.

For smooth operations, information flow was required between the different users, especially between the installer team and branch admin. However, the client was unwilling to create a dedicated mobile application for the installer team. Instead, we create

a custom mobile layout of the tool for the installer team to access from handheld devices.

Multiple Role Management

Case Study

Client Response

“We are extremely happy with what has been delivered to us so far. CRM works fine and everything was completed in a timely manner and to our satisfaction.”

Case Study

Project Outcome

By having a customized CRM, the client managed to reduce costs by 80% and reduce the time taken from order processing to installation by almost 36%. Since the tool manages everything from lead management to inventory processing and invoicing as well, it is easy for the client to monitor projects and the performance of individual branches.