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Call & Contact Center Expo - Stand 3070 on 24-25 April 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Book a meeting now!

Multi-Tenant WebRTC Client

Case Study

Multi-Tenant WebRTC Client & Management Platform

A case study on how a Multi-Tenant WebRTC Client & Management Platform, developed by Vindaloo Softtech, helped a significant telecom brand become resellers for Webphone services on their existing PBX system.
Case Study

Project Description

The client approached Vindaloo Softtech with a unique requirement. They have a Multi-Tenant PBX solution and wish to become a reseller of Multi-Tenant WebRTC and Contact Center services. We had to develop a management system for users, partners, and telecom providers with multiple role-based user support. The front-end WebRTC portal is a browser-based phone solution with many features that allow the end-users to make or receive calls and even transfer them. The different admin roles with varying rights can add/edit users, policies, servers, licenses, and button profiles on the backend.
Case Study

Project Requirements

Case Study

Our Approach

We worked on the project in two phases for rapid deployment. The first phase is building the base platform that offers the basic functionalities such as individual user dashboards, profile pages, WebRTC frontend, etc. The second phase was all about adding user-friendly features such as integrated phonebook, individual theming capabilities, headset support, etc.

Technology Used:

Programming Language Scripting Language Database Management
PHP, Laravel
MySQL 8.0
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Wireframing Tool: Axure RP8
  • UI/UX design: Photoshop
  • Version control: GitLab
  • Project Management Tool: QuickScrum
  • Browser compatibility: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (Latest version till deployment)
Case Study

Custom Features

Individual User Rights

Individual User Rights – As mentioned earlier, there are four different user roles available in the Management portal. Three of them have different levels of editing rights in the Management portal, and the end-user can only access the WebRTC portal. Here is the breakdown of access levels for each user role.

System Admin




BLF or Busy Lamp Field is a feature on physical telephones where the bulb will light up to indicate who’s available to talk, who’s on a call, and who’s “off duty” for the moment. On the portal, the busy lamp field appears in three colors to indicate the status of every caller:

✡ Orange: Away ✡ Green: Available ✡ Red: Busy

Phonebook is essential for any web phone interface. Editable by all four user roles, the users can add new contacts to the phonebook and search for the stored number using the user-friendly interface. We also managed to port the speed dial feature of a VoIP phone into the portal. Certain contacts from the phonebook can be allocated to speed dial and can be called directly.

An integral part of the WebRTC portal, the voicemail facility allows call agents to not miss any opportunity due to dropped calls. We also provide voicemail notifications via email and browser.

The backbone of the WebRTC frontend, the webphone interface allows the end-user to make, receive or transfer calls.

Instead of dialing the numbers every time to make the call, we integrated the click to call feature to allow the users to call directly from call history or phonebook.

Resellers or Single-tenant customers have the freedom to customize the colors and theme of their portal as per their convenience. Currently, the supported elements are:

✡ Background-color ✡ Dial button color ✡ Header image ✡ Settings icon color ✡ Header color ✡ Text color ✡ Heading color ✡ The login button ✡ Forgot password page ✡ User image upload

Since the WebRTC portal will be accessed by the end-users from any of the supported web browsers, a browser call alert was added to notify the users of any incoming calls or voicemail notifications.

Case Study

Project Outcome

We managed to complete the first phase within the committed production time and are currently working on delivering the promised features from phase two.
Case Study

Client Response

The client is happy with the results, and the end-users have been delighted by the software system. The client had the following to say about their experience working with Vindaloo Softtech. “Some things were not in the scope of their work, but they have found a great solution and have fixed it on time. The team communicated via email, Slack, and Google Meet, and we are fascinated by the team’s effort to go the extra mile”