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E-Learning Software

Case Study

E-Learning Software

Vindaloo Softtech was hired to create an online Music Training Platform for a customer. It has features such as customized tutor scheduling, 1 to 1 video conferencing, Pre-recorded session playback, paywall content distribution, etc.
E-Learning Software

Project Description

The client wanted to create an online solution that allowed music tutors and students to connect over video conferencing. They wanted to add the possibility of uploading pre-recorded sessions and integrating a paywall mechanism for encouraging signups. Moreover, the students can schedule a 1 to 1 class based on the tutor’s availability. Keeping it completely browser-based allowed the tutors and students to connect without any geographical limitations.

E-Learning Software

Project Requirements

E-Learning Software

Our Approach

This was a challenging project as the client’s unique requirements required us to integrate video conferencing solution with playback capabilities into a browser-based portal.

Technology Used:

Programming Language Database Management Video Conferencing Platform
PHP - Yii 2
MySQL 8.0
Browser compatibility: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (Latest version till deployment)
E-Learning Software

Custom Features

Once both the tutor and the student have entered the class, the layout is kept simple and user-friendly to allow access to the most commonly used toggles such as:

✡ Mute mic ✡ Hang-up call ✡ Enable/Disable camera ✡ Share screen ✡ Raise hand feature ✡ Chat option

As per the customer’s vision, they wanted four different user roles with individual roles and access rights.

The super admin is like the king of the castle and has access to profile management, payment portals, video approvals, and report generation. The admin user profile has almost the same level of user access.

The sub-admin can create new tutor profiles, add credit lessons to students’ accounts, approve video uploads, monitor payment status, view the lesson history, etc.

The tutor has access to a dashboard where they can view any of the upcoming, completed, or canceled lessons. They have the option to reschedule classes and create custom learning plans based on the instruments they teach.

Student profiles are created when a user registers on the portal, and they can view any of the upcoming lessons and notifications of any canceled ones. In addition, they can view the class credits and use them to unlock any of the offered courses.

Every tutor can offer customized plan rates based on their schedule and teaching instruments. This way, the student can choose the right class suited to their needs. The sub-admin has access to create different plans and the rates in each, but the tutor can choose the rate they wish to offer.

Both Tutor and Students have access to the 3rd party music and musical instrument apps. Clicking on any of the apps redirects the user to the dedicated page. Some of the apps included are:

✡ Compose ✡ Simple tuner ✡ Metronome X ✡ Drumless Backing Tracks ✡ Theory ✡ Jazz Standards ✡ Aural training

When the student clicks ‘Tutor Availability‘, the tool allows them to view the schedule of tutors for any of the specified instruments.

You can view the schedule in ‘day’, ‘week’, and ‘list’ views. Any booked lessons are displayed in accordance with the time of the lesson.

Similarly, the tutors can mention their availability and the break time.

The tool has the provision for the students to book regular classes or use credits provided by the sub-admin. Once the student chooses their instrument of choice, they can choose from the available plans, class duration, & date of classes. Once finalized, they can pay and start their plans.

In addition to a 1 to 1 video conferencing solution, the tool also provides the option for tutors to publish pre-recorded sessions that the enrolled students can view at their convenience. To ensure transparent usage, once the tutor uploads the video, it is not visible to the student unless a sub-admin approves. The video is visible to the student in the video library on approval.

Similarly, the student can also review their previous recorded lessons from the same pane.

E-Learning Software

Project Outcome

Not only did we manage to nail the customer’s expectations, but the portal also turned out to attract more sign-ups. The retention rate has been significant as the geographical limitation doesn’t stop students from interacting with their tutors. In a nutshell, the online portal turned out to be a time and money-saving tool for our client.
E-Learning Software

Future Potentials

The customization capabilities with this tool are multifold. The expert development team at VSPL can modify the tool’s basic functionality as per your requirement. Right from the option of scheduling 1to1 interactive video conference classes and pre-recorded class playback capabilities, we can also implement the option to award certificates or accreditations to the students or any other custom features you may want.