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CSML Chatflow Builder

Case Study

CSML Chatflow Builder

The client wanted assistance in finding a cutting-edge CSML Chatflow Builder solution to improve their capacity to provide customer service.

Case Study

Project Description

The client, a prominent player in the telecommuting industry, was collaborated by our teams for a considerable period, fostering strong relationships along the way. As a result, the client has developed a strong sense of trust in our work, and came to us seeking the solutions to their challenges. The client was looking out for a help to sought innovative solutions to enhance their customer support capabilities.
Case Study

Project Requirements

The client company’s teams were utilizing Chatwoot and its bot functionality, which supported CSML language. However, their primary requirement was to build software that enable the creation of CSML flows via drag-and-drop functionality, allowing the teams to manage CSML bots directly from the GUI without the need for coding.
The client’s challenge stemmed from the limitations of their existing setup. While Chatwoot’s bot functionality supported CSML language, they faced difficulties in managing CSML flows effectively. This led them to seek a solution that would provide a user-friendly interface for creating and managing CSML bots without requiring technical expertise.

The client’s challenges included:

Case Study

Our Approach

Frontend Backend Package Manager Database Management
Talwind CSS, Nextjs

Developing an intuitive platform

Our approach to addressing the client's challenge involved developing an intuitive platform that simplifies the creation and management of CSML bots.


CSML converter with drag and drop

We designed a CSML converter with drag-and-drop functionality, that allows users to generate Chatbot Flows directly from the GUI without the need for coding or complex configurations.

Easy to use interface

This solution offered an easy-to-use interface that empowered users to manage CSML bots effectively, regardless of their technical background.

Case Study

Client Response

“Since implementing the CSML Chatbot, our operations have significantly improved. Our teams are working more productively and communicating with each other, and everyone is finding it easy to use thanks to the user-friendly layout. We’re enthusiastic about what Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd. has in store for the future.”

Case Study

Project Outcome

As per the client’s expectations, we delivered a scalable platform which can be used by any person without any technical knowledge. Now, the users can generate Chatbot Flows using CSML language, through the GUI, making the whole process smooth and seamless.

Using the latest technologies like Reactjs and Nodejs, we successfully delivered the CSML converter within the specified timeframe of 2 months, meeting the client’s objectives effectively.

The client benefited from the timely delivery of the solution, which aligned precisely with their expectations. Additionally, the versatility of our solution allowed for its application across various industries, further enhancing its value proposition.