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Acrobits Cloud Softphone is a highly configurable SIP client designed specifically for VoIP providers. It offers amazing VoIP calling-related features such as call attending via push notifications, instant messaging, HD sound, balance checker, customizable ringtones, one-touch provisioning using QR Codes, and Bluetooth support. For businesses to provide secure SIP accounts provisioning without paying monthly fees for Acrobit’s own provisioning server, Vindaloo Softtech can deploy a dedicated Acrobits Provisioning on your personal server. We offer white labeling and no restrictions on user licenses.

How does it work?

To use Acrobits Cloud SoftPhone to make VoIP calls, a business needs to connect it to their SIP profile on the PBX server. For a more secure and easier authentication process, businesses use server provisioning, but they need to purchase a monthly subscription license to use Acrobit’s provisioning server. The licensing price increases when you add new users. Vindaloo Softtech’s Acrobits Provisioning Server acts as an alternative Provisioning Server of Acrobits Cloud SoftPhone.

For a one-time cost, Vindaloo Softtech can deploy a Provisioning server on your own personal server, where you can add multiple users without any additional costs, and start using the Cloud SoftPhone (You need to pay one-time deployment charges as well as bear the server operation costs). We also support 3rd party APIs and provide SMS and MMS sending using Twilio SMS Gateway, along with Message Detail Record (MDR). Businesses can have their own branding as a part of the interface with our white labeling services.

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One Touch Provisioning (QR code)

When you add a user profile, an email containing a unique QR Code will be sent to the user’s email address. They can scan the QR code using their phone to log into their Acrobits Cloud SoftPhone profile.

SMS/MMS profile

We have integrated Twilio APIs to enable sending SMS or MMS by your users. Simply add the authentication token and the unique sending number in the user profile, and your users can send/receive SMS and MMS from Cloud SoftPhone.

Message Detail Records (MDRs)

Remain on top of every conversation your users have with your clients using Message Detail Records. It displays logs of all the SMS/MMS messages sent by your users, along with the responses from the clients.

White labeling Possibilities

Wish to personalize your provisioning server and have them bear your branding? Simply provide your branding kit, and our capable developers can customize the servers as per your unique requirements.

Technology Foundation of Provisioning Server

Web Service



Additional APIs

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